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Over the last almost two decades we have had the pleasure of working with amazing people and companies in Residential Interiors and Commercial Interior Design. This is our thank you to Homeowners, Architects, Interior Designers, Hoteliers, SPA and Boutique Owners, Jewellers, Restaurateurs and Furniture Stores, both in India and Internationally. It is such a Pleasure!  Thank You!


Our commercial projects have included work with Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Furniture Shops, Jewelers, Builders and SPA owners, and even Museum and Theater Owners;  below are listed some of these projects:

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  • Interior Designer Rajesh Pai, Oye Shaava Restaurant, Church Street, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designer Kabir Hira, Park View Hotel, Chennai
  • Architect/Interior Designer Kabir Hira, World Cuisine Network Restaurants, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Idicom’ – Int. Designer Disha,  Nandhana Group, Bangalore
  • Builder & Architect/Interior Designers ‘MORPH’ Prestige Constructions,  Angsana SPA, UB City, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designers Transform Design’, Influence SPA, Manish Malhotra collaboration, Chennai
  • Interior Designer ‘Articulations’ – Int. Designer Preethi, Jublee Hills Resort, Hyderabad
  • Architect/Interior Designer Tilak Associates’, Aloft Hotels – Estia Restaurant, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore
  • Architect/Interior Designer CDE’ – Sr. Arch Anand, Blue Petal Hotel, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designer KL Talreja Associates – Amit, Furniture Shop Interiors, (Nepal)
  • Architect/Interior Designer Arun Nalapat Architects, Fine Dine restaurant (Bahrain)
  • Architect/Interior Designer Rachayita Architects, Restaurant
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Jayesh & Kalpana’, Living Dining Divider
  • Architect/Interior Designer David Genty(, Grand Cayman Island Car Museum
  • Architect/Interior Designer CDE’ – Sr. Arch Anand, Renuka Silks & Sarees Store, Bangalore
  • Restaurateur White Lotus Banquet Hall, Restaurant, California, USA
  • Architect/Interior Designer Sukudass Architects, Bhima Jewellers Store, Kochi
  • Boutique Agency Cav Con(Mark Cavanagh), Yves Saint Laurent – perfume launch event, Sydney, Australia
  • Zoology Color Lab, London, UK. Interior Coordinator Hannah Spring,
  • Architect/Interior Designer STK Architecture Inc., ICON Theater, California, USA.

We have created numerous beaded curtains and screens for homeowners. Some of these projects have been in affiliation with Architects and Interior Designers:

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  • Interior Designer Mrs Lamba, Homeowner Mrs Kaura, Private Bar Space
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘DeepaJayesh’ – Arch. Jayesh, Homeowner Mr Rahul, Drawing Room French Windows
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Inner Dimension’ – Int. Designer Usha, Penthouse Window
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Inner Dimension’ – Int. Designer Usha, Table Base Curtain
  • Interior Designer Ms Skrutika, Home owner Mr Jeetendra, Lounge Room Separator
  • Interior Designer Paradox Black/ Casa Paradox, Temple Room entrance
  • Architect/Interior Designer Planet 3 Studio, Bed post Bead Curtain
  • Ms. Veena Kuruvilla, French Window and Drawing Room Separator (Qatar)
  • Architect/Interior Designer the bodhi tree’ Arun Balan, Temple Room Sribashyam Residence
  • Architect/ Interior Designer ‘ZZ Architects, Temple room
  • Architect/Interior Designer Cozy Nest Neelu, Temple Room/Door Frame/Cabinet Window
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Vibe Design Lab, House Entrance Lobby
  • Architect/Interior Designer Kuvio Studio’ – Richa, Temple Room
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Jayesh & Kalpana’, Living Dining Divider
  • Architect/Interior Designer Akash John, Kitchen living Divider
  • Architect/Interior Designer M&D Interior Decors, Bar space Chandelier installation


  • We have also worked with Wedding Planners, Visual Merchandisers, Theater Interiors, Museum Decor, Furniture Showrooms and Set Designers.

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Memories of a Butterfly has garnered widespread acclaim for its impeccable residential and commercial interior design and styling services. Satisfied customers consistently praise the company for its innovative designs, meticulous attention to detail, and personalized approach that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

Whether transforming homes into cozy, elegant retreats or elevating commercial spaces to reflect a brand’s identity and values, Memories of a Butterfly has earned a reputation for exceeding client expectations and creating environments that are both beautiful and practical. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has cemented their status as a trusted name in the interior design industry.