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The Interior Blue Bead Curtain  by Memories of a Butterfly is a Bead Curtain for Interior Design Trends, Home Decor, Restaurant Interiors and Hotel Styling. Shop Beaded Room Divider & Colorful Partition. Shop for Interior Design Trends Blue Hexagonal Best Bead Curtain Ready-Made by Memories of a Butterfly. Shop Bead Curtain for Home Décor. Beaded Room Divider & Colorful Partition. . This Interior Blue Hexagonal Acrylic Crystal Bead Curtain is part of our limited edition Ready-Made Collection. Bead Room Partitions, Room Dividers & Room Separator Screens from Memories of a Butterfly are beautiful in residential and commercial spaces.

The Interior Blue Bead Curtain Ready-Made is made of subtle and elegant blue color hexagonal shape acrylic crystal transparent beads linked with silver color chain link rings. This bead curtain is elegant, delicate and unobtrusive for any space and works with any interiors. The base of the strings embellished with beautiful transparent drop crystal beads, in an uneven pattern, creates a delightful effect.

  • Length: 5ft 8inch
  • Width: 3.5ft-5.5ft
  • Strings: 67 strings
  • “Ready for Sale” (Price on Request)

Status:  SOLD!  (Florida, USA)  –  Contact Us to Custom recreate this piece.

Best Bead Curtain
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The base of the strings of the Hexagonal Acrylic Crystal Gold Ring Beaded Room Divider embellished with beautiful drop crystal beads in an uneven pattern creates a delightful effect.

Interior Living Room Decor Bead Curtain
Blue Beaded Curtain
Bead Curtain
Living Room Decor Bead Curtain

Step into the world of interior design trends with the Blue Hexagonal Best Bead Curtain by Memories of a Butterfly. This exquisite beaded curtain offers a unique blend of modern design and vibrant colors, making it a perfect choice for adding a touch of creativity to your home decor. The hexagonal shape of the beads adds an intriguing geometric element to the space, while the striking shades of blue create a sense of depth and tranquility.

Whether used as a room divider to create separate zones in an open floor plan or as a colorful partition to add a playful accent to a room, this beaded curtain is both functional and visually captivating. Memories of a Butterfly’s commitment to craftsmanship ensures that every bead is carefully crafted, resulting in a high-quality and durable piece. The Blue Hexagonal Best Bead Curtain is a stylish addition to any home, allowing you to stay on-trend while infusing your space with a burst of vibrant energy and modern charm.

Blue Bead Curtain
Beaded Room Divider
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