Living Room Interior Decor

Buy Interior Decor Beaded Door Curtain Multicolor Glass Gold Beads Curtain

Interior Decor Beaded Door Curtain for Living room Interior decor. Multicolor Glass Gold Beads Curtain, Design by Memories of a Butterfly. Quality beads high end room partitions, room divider screens. The Multi-color Glass Gold Hanging Sculpture beaded door curtain is part of our Limited Edition Ready-Made Collection.

This bead door curtain with an almost raindrop like appearance is a combination of multicolored small oval transparent ‘handmade’ glass beads and a base of small round flat acrylic gold beads.

  • Length: 6.5ft
  • Width: appx. 2ft-2.5ft
  • Strings: 48 strings
  • Ready for Sale”  (Price on Request)

Shop online at Memories of a Butterfly beautiful interior decor beaded door curtain for living room interior decor. Buy a room divider for interior design, living room interior design, restaurant interior partition, hotel room divider. Beautiful glass bead curtains, crystal curtains for home, beaded curtain, beaded door curtain.

Status:  SOLD!

(please feel free to contact us to check if we can custom design and recreate this piece for you)

Multicoloured Glass Beaded Curtain Interior Decoration
Beaded Door Curtain
Multicoloured Glass Gold Beaded Curtain Interior Decoration Room Divider
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“Delicately creating a mosaic of design on our beaded canvas”

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If you are looking to buy, design, customize a bead curtain, screen or room divider for your house, office, spa, hotel or restaurant, then you have come to the right place.

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We love to work one on one with every client and provide unique solutions to your interior needs through our bead curtains and installations. Bead curtains that can be room dividers, screens, room separators, murals, moving art pieces, door curtains, window curtains.

Customized Bead Curtain: Every space needs to be tackled with its own distinct design and lifestyle requirements which is why we believe in customizing every piece in our work (bead curtain/ scree/ room divider/ separator) with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurateurs, builders and individual home owners.

Our beaded curtains are exported across the globe and we have completed international projects in Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, United Arab Emirates and USA. Nationally we have designed beaded curtains in Bombay, Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai, Gurgaon, Rajasthan, Kerala, Hyderabad and many other states across India.

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