Blue Acrylic Crystal Leaf Bead Curtain

DSCF3535The Blue Acrylic Crystal Leaf Bead Curtain was created for a residence in Rhode Island, USA. The curtain is designed with a base of blue acrylic crystal beads with highlights in pale pink, green and yellow in glass leaf beads and large round batasa beads.

Leaf Beads may be used alone without combining them with other beads rendering a spiral of leaves effect like in Topaz Leaf Bead Curtain.








DSCF3351   DSCF3603


DSCF3366   DSCF3605

DSCF3521   DSCF3374

DSCF3350   DSCF3536


DSCF3593   DSCF3569


DSCF3588   DSCF3383

DSCF3365   DSCF3587

The curtain was inspired in part from our original Moroccan Blue Leaf Curtain.


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DSCF4123    DSCF4081



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Other examples of a similar curtains: Blue Hue Bead Curtain below left is a mix of blues, sea blues, sea green beads in small oval and batasa shapes. An effective contrast has been created using red beads. Also see SeaGreen Bone Disc Bead Curtain and Flower Bead Curtain.